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is a misunderstood area of the Internet. Don't believe the hype. Many promoters will offer to submit your site to the top 500 or even 2000 search engines. Surprisingly, an incredible 90% of traffic originates from the top eight search engines. We focus our efforts on these important search facilities. Search engine results may be the most important factor in making your site a huge success. We are experienced in search engine placement and have experience in all areas of web site promotion. In fact we have a search engine guru versed in the analysis of search engine algorithms which change often. It takes consistent research and site modification to remain in the top ten search results for the most popular engines so if some other company is promising you those results free be warned. In addition be careful when submitting to each of the top engines. They each have different rules, break one of them and your site could be banned from the search engine for life. You can help to market your site effectively but consult with a qualified search engine specialist to plan your strategy for success.

If your web site is designed for electronic commerce then you should focus on making your site one of the top ten search results when prospective customers use search facilities to find the products and services you offer. Effective search placement will come from very experienced site designers who know the various techniques used by the search engines and design the entire site to effectively manipulate the search results. Linking is another valuable method to get favorable search results, but not just any links will help. Let our professional e-commerce web designers increase your profits with a web site created for success.

Having a web site is a great cost effective way to market your mission to the world. Increase the success of your site with a cohesive company image. Our affiliates work closely with the web design teams to effectively deliver your image to the world with appropriate color schemes, titles, printed materials, business cards, and advertising. This comprehensive package is designed to give your company synergy and stability in the eyes of your clients and your expanded market base that now includes the world.

If all you have is an Internet Business Idea ask us about the Turnkey Web Business. We have a package that includes everything; from product branding, Internet services, advertising, packaging/bottling, warehousing, and shipping. It is your web based business but the logistics are handled by experts who specialize in that industry; all you do is assist in the marketing and deposit the profits.

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