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A Domain Name is the text reference for your numeric Internet address. It allows you to select a representative name for your business that makes it easier for people searching the Internet to find your web site and it also makes it easier to recall your web site name from media and print advertising.

If your requested Domain Name is available, NetWorth will register your Domain Name with InterNIC:

1) We collect $70 to register your domain name, the amount InterNIC (The Internet's Gatekeeper) requires for the first two years. We host your domain name while the site is being designed and implemented. A banner with your company contact information will be placed on the construction page until the site construction is complete. InterNIC requires that a working page be accessible to reserve the domain name. Therefore, we will host your construction page for free if we are designing your web site.

2) VERY IMPORTANT - We will register your Requested Domain Name and guarantee you will be the registrant. The registrant is the legal owner of the Domain. To often we have clients who had someone register their domain name only to discover they did not own it. The company who registered it as a service listed themselves as the registered owner, get our free Top Ten Tip-Offs quickly to prevent this from happening to your company. Some domains are held ransom and auctioned on the Internet; a practice we find appalling. That is why we want to educate you and treat you right.

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