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is often a last minute decision given very little importance in the mind of a business. It is a decision that should carry more weight. A Web Site Host is a computer network linked to the Internet that captures traffic searching for your domain name and stores files containing your web site. Think of it as the restaurant you choose to take your prospective client to dinner. You want them to know your name, you want the table accessible immediately, you want excellent fast service, the menu should have what you like, you want the food to be good, it should make you look good, and it should not cost a fortune.

You need a hosting company to provide an accessible Internet location before your Domain Name can be registered. Review our Domain Name Registration page for information on reserving or registering Domain Names. When your Commercial Web Site is completed, you will want it to be hosted by a first class hosting operation where you are appreciated. Think of the customer care the Space Shuttle gets at the space center. You are the flight director, we could be your mission control.

We have excellent locations with dedicated fiber optic T3 lines carrying your message to the Internet Backbone at the speed of light. Our servers are committed primarily to hosting. We do not offer ISP connections at this technology center so that the only traffic to our Hosting servers are your clients, versus thousands of people checking e-mail. We remain focused on helping our clients increase business and profits so the hosting fees and service are designed to keep you happy and keep you with NetWorth as we help you grow your business and become more successful.

  • You will get e-mail aliases so that you e-mails promote your company
  • Customized auto-responders
  • Initial search engine placement included
  • Free text changes for 60 days
  • Statistical reports indicating the traffic to your site
  • Budget friendly hosting fees from $15 to $35 dollars per month
  • Ask about our combined Design, Hosting, Promotion, and Advertising plans to save you money

    Do not pay the large hosting fees to some company claiming to be the biggest hosting company on the web. That would mean your clients are competing for bandwidth with the world to see your site. It would also make your company just one of the 10,000 new commercial sites being added to the web each month. We will call you by name and spend time with you discussing how to make your site stand above the others and get the recognition your mission deserves.

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